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Ke taumafai o fakagata te olaga fakasaaua I loto ite kominiti o Tuvalu tela e mafai o fesoasoani kite agaiga o uiga mo amioga fakasauaa. Te tauamafaiga tenei e fakapogai malosi ki Talavou kola e lavea ne latou ko mafai o pokotia I olotou uiga fakaasi, koga e nofo iei latou, koga galue, tafaoga, akoakoga mo koga kola se maua te Filemu ne latou. Talavou ko takitaki o Tuvalu I aso mai mua. E fiafia latou o fakamalosi ki Talavou katoa o Tuvalu ke maua ne latou te loto malosi o fakaaoga Tu mo Aganu ke maua te Olaga saogalemu.

Te Talavou Tuvalu ka galue fakatasi mote Taumatua kae fakaaoga Tu mo Aganu I olotou sokotakiga. Ka Taumafai Talavou o salasala ne auala lei e mafai o fakaaoga ne tatou Tuvalu I Aotearoa nei ke maua ne tatou te Olaga fiafia kae o fakaaoga foki tou Tu mo Aganu tela e mitamita tatou ne Tuvalu. Kote loto tasi kote galiga o tatou mo aso mai mua.

Sokotakiga I Toman is the name for the Tuvalu Champions of Change.  Our goal is to break the cycle of family harm by helping our Tuvalu communities address the challenging mindsets and behaviours that enable violence. Our solution targets the underlying problems that Tuvalu young people regularly experience which can lead to behaviours and environments that they live, work, play, learn and enjoy, being unsafe for them. These young people recognise that they are important to the future of Tuvalu, as the leaders of the future. They want to empower all Tuvalu youth to have confidence and safety to navigate their culture and practices in a positive way.

Tuvalu youth will be empowered to collaborate with likeminded Tuvalu elders to lead a wave of positive change that reduces the generational breakdowns of identity, belonging and values. We will find better ways forward for all Tuvalu people in Aotearoa for better well-being and cultural enrichment that makes us proud to be Tuvalu. Together, we’ll build a stronger future.

Photos from the launch of Sokotakiga I Toman – 22 July 2023 at Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre.

Our Why

E manakogina malosi ke tumau te sokotakitga mote ola fiafia o tou kaiga katoa I loto ite kominiti o Tuvalu.

E manakogina ke aofia tatou o fakatele te Toku Fou Tiale I luga I Aoteraroa nei – ke ola tou Tu mo Aganu, Te gana mote manuia ote tupulaga olo ake o Tuvalu.

We want to see a more connected and informed Tuvalu community living lives with strengthened wellbeing by investing in what matters to them, their families and Tuvalu collective communities.

We want to contribute to a thriving Aotearoa by nurturing our Toku Fou Tiale values, culture, language to survive in the generations to come

Meet our Change Agents

Our Tuvalu Change Agents are people who lead planned change efforts guided by a work programme. They are responsible for upholding the integrity and sacred spaces of Nga Vaka’s Tuvalu conceptual framework Toku Fou Tiale which are applied in Sokotakiga I Toman’s work. 

Litala Eliuta

Change Agent

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Litala Eliuta

Litala left Tuvalu at the age of 16 years old for Fiji, where she lived and worked as a teacher till 2007.

Litala and her family then migrated to New Zealand in 2007 and has been working as a social worker for thirteen years; of the thirteen years, she has worked eleven of those for Oranga Tamariki as a Care and Protection Practitioner.

Litala is a vital part of the Tuvaluan community and has always been driven to help educate and advocate for family violence.

She has been educating the Tuvaluan community by delivering Family Violence Programmes and workshops throughout New Zealand. These workshops allow not only adults but also provides a safe space for youth to be heard so they can speak up about their experiences.

She is also a registered social worker, translator and a member of the Tuvaluan community Family Violence Team.

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