Culture is a vital ingredient for building healthy relationships and meaningful engagement.
It is culture that provides us with our unique perspectives, and also culture which defines the way we behave, and relate to the world, and shapes our values as collectives of peoples.


A diverse gathering of Pacific communities came together with a single goal in mind: to open the conversation around addressing family violence.


The Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu Cultural Frameworks provide participants with an in-depth insight into eight cultural approaches to achieving family wellbeing.


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Fono Keynote Speaker

The Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu: Pathways to Wellbeing fono was held on the 22nd February 2019 in Auckland to provide a platform for Pacific people to talanoa the important role that culture plays in preventing family violence. Some of the keynote speakers speeches are available for download.

Maiava Iulai Toma

Maiava Iulai Toma is one of the longest serving public servants for the Government of Samoa. He previously worked as Secretary to Government, CEO Department of Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs & Cabinet, Samoa Permanent Representative...

Dr Konai Helu Thaman

Dr Konai Helu Thaman is one of the longest serving staff of the University of the South Pacific, Konai is currently Professor of Pacific Education and Culture and was the UNESCO Chair in Teacher Education and Culture from 1998-2016.