In 2016, Alliance Community Initiatives Trust was contracted by Ministry of Social Development to implement the findings of the evaluation, to operationalise the cultural frameworks and trial a refreshed Samoan and Cook Islands programme and included the new i-Kiribati programme.

The Pacific Family Violence Training Programme addresses family violence in NZ.  This overarching framework sets a foundation to ensure that learners (practitioners who work with Pacific families on a day to day basis; and community members who are often the first port of call for families at risk) have the skills and knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome for a Pacific family, in a culturally appropriate way.  

Understanding that “Pacific” as a term doesn’t recognise the ethnic-specific nuances between each culture is a first step.

“As we know, there is no one Pacific culture, so the need to be respectful of each of the seven nations – the Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tongan and Tuvalu – and their own ethnic specific value and views was critical”.

Tariana Turia

The Pacific Family Violence Training Programme provides a general introduction to family violence issues in NZ as they impact of Pacific communities (Part 1), which then leads to a deeper investigation of culturally appropriate, ethnic specific models of engagement that Pacific communities have identified as keys to addressing, discussing, minimising or eliminating family violence within Pacific families (Part 2).

This Programme is ideally suited to no more than 20 participants in the class.  It is designed to allow plenty of opportunity for students to participate with reflection and discussion.

Workforce Development

Culture is a vital ingredient for building healthy relationships and meaningful engagement. It is culture that provides us with our unique perspectives, and also culture which defines the way we behave, and relate to the world, and shapes our values as collectives of peoples.

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